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I ordered the rolls , bento boxes and the omasake 500 box. It was amazing! I've been to Japan and eaten sushi over there and all I can say is that Shinka Sushi does focus on quality and also inovation.. their food made me feel like i'm in Japan. I also gave a 5 star because the customer service is amazing. Very friendly and professi ... read more
Kim Epino via - May 20, 2022
It's my first time to order sushi from Shinka Sushi Bar. Honestly, I think it's one of the best sushi restaurant in Ottawa. I ordered Omakase 150 for the first time, the quality is very good, but staff made a mistake and some sushi pieces were missing. Emilie and Lina replied my email regarding this issue, and offered me complimentar ... read more
Han H via - May 16, 2022
Great quality sushi! The menu is very different from any other sushi place in Ottawa ... read more
Selina via - Apr 30, 2022
The sashimi was pretty good and tasty! The rolls tasted pretty average to me and didn’t meet my expectations but perhaps this was because a lot of people around me had hyped it up too much and I had very high expectations going in. The overall presentation of the food was really beautiful which is something I look for when ordering ... read more
Juliana Kim via - Apr 28, 2022
The best sushi I ever had! Legit!
Kevin Qian via - Apr 26, 2022
Note that as of April 2022, Shinka has temporarily relocated to 250 City Centre Ave (Bay 232) due to
Note that as of April 2022, Shinka has temporarily relocated to 250 City Centre Ave (Bay 232) due to a fire at their permanent Laurier Ave location. They are only doing pickup and delivery while at this temporary location. I am uncertain how long they will be at this location. I got some rolls through UberEats and they were delicious ... read more
Jennifer P. via - Apr 25, 2022
Best sushis ever! The quality is impressive. We discovered Shinka during the pandemic and only ordered for take out. I can't wait to eat at their location. Delicious, highly recommend :) ... read more
Pascale Gemme via - Apr 18, 2022
مكان مميز لأكل السوشي ... read more
Alsham Abir via - Apr 15, 2022
Delicious sushi enjoyed by community delivery to Perth! I hope they continue to offer this service monthly. We love it!
Melissa McNamee via - Mar 22, 2022
One of my fave places to order take out. It’s always very fresh and you can tell that they use high quality ingredients! im not huge on raw fish but they have an excellent vegan sushi menu; which is great for people who are vegan or prefer veggie sushi options! Always well packaged and they always give you extra sauces. def worth ... read more
Josie Bean via - Mar 6, 2022
The best vegan sushi ♡☆ ♡ ☆ ... read more
Precious Stone Choi via - Mar 4, 2022
Our first time ordering from here (Community Delivery). My son and I ordered: - Dragon Eyes Roll - Samurai Roll - Salmon Nigiri - Tuna Nigiri - Rainbow Roll - Gyoza Great presentation in the box... Sushi was super fresh, and everything tasted amazing. If you are living near Ottawa, check their site for the Community Delivery... th ... read more
Nick Ferrie via - Feb 16, 2022
We ordered this sushi for takeout. The packaging is so cute! The sushi was fresh and delightful. They have an excellent selection and everything we ordered presented well and was delicious. I look forward to dining.
J E via - Feb 13, 2022
The most delicious and beautiful sushi you can find by far. The chefs are exceptionally good at what they do. The food is creative, the fish is always fresh, and the cuts are generous. These are Omakases, if you like surprises, they won't let you down. You'll discover new flavours you can't find anywhere else. Their Japanese Gyozas a ... read more
Faten N via - Feb 13, 2022
Bea Amjadi via - Feb 8, 2022
From the packaging to the presentation to the flavour - this place delivers on all grounds! It was our first time ordering from here (take out) and we had friendly service and the food was delicious! We also loved how they provide the soy sauce in separate little containers unlike other places that give you the little cheap packets. ... read more
Generic Stuff via - Feb 8, 2022
Ordered delivery - presentation 10/10! Taste 10/10! The tempura chicken brought me back to Japan it was EXACTLY like the way they do it there. So many dips! And they separated the vegan items - so thoughtful! Thank you! I will be hitting this up again For Sure!!
Davey Q via - Feb 2, 2022
Mind blowing. Fresh. Creative. Delicious. Worth the price. You won’t be disappointed.
Kate Speer via - Feb 1, 2022
Amazing Sushi but $$$$.
Omar Alobidat via - Jan 29, 2022
Seriously, so good
Ordered take-out due to COVID lockdowns, but I can’t wait to go in person when things reopen! We ordered the 34 piece combo and WOW there was so much food for two people. It was a great date night in and everything was so tasty! Got to try things I never usually order too which was a fun experience. Super high-quality ingredients and ... read more
alexacb19 via - Jan 29, 2022
As good as any place around Vancouver, the chu-toro (tuna belly) is a must have. Don't ruin this experience by dumping everything in soy sauce. The fish is fresh and such high quality you wouldn't know that we aren't even close to an ocean. The portion size could be slightly bigger for the money, but it was worth every penny if yo ... read more
Zak Gunter via - Jan 24, 2022
Great quality high end sushi ... read more
Darren Hum via - Jan 22, 2022
High Quality Sushi. That is the best way to explain Shinka. It is more expensive then most sushi spots but it is well worth the cost. The flavors and quality of ingredients make this spot a staple for our family now ... read more
Richard Salonga via - Jan 20, 2022
Have ordered from Shinka 3 times now and every time it gets better! Wow! Honestly, the level of fish to rice ratio is incredible!!! Even my elderly in-laws love it as well as the younger siblings! The shashimi is out of this world too - thick perfect cuts - we love this place as the beat takeaway sushi restaurant in Ottawa and that’s ... read more
Koke via - Jan 20, 2022
Worth a visit. Check your order before you leave, though.
Michele Stovall via - Jan 19, 2022
Best sushi ever!!
Zainab Mendzigall via - Jan 17, 2022
Simply incredible sushis! Probably some of the best we ever had. As well, the customer service is outstanding. Thank you Shinka, we'll definitely be back!
marianne leblanc via - Jan 16, 2022
Rainbow rolls are tasty and a good size - not too big, not too small. Good amount of pickled ginger with my order too, and a nice-yet-odd variety of sauces (we got wafu salad dressing even though we only ordered sushi? Dipped a piece of sushi in it just for fun, it was pretty good). Love the monthly community delivery to Westport, as ... read more
Kristen Lonergan via - Jan 11, 2022
Ordered sushi to go via Uber eats. This place never misses the mark. Some of the best sashimi in ottawa! So fresh.
Melissa Felian via - Jan 7, 2022
Super yummy and fresh!
Lauren Whitten via - Jan 5, 2022
In my experience customer services has been nothing short of excellent.
Richard Funderburg via - Dec 24, 2021
Hands down, the best sushi bar in Ottawa!!! 10/10!! Highly recommend!! 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼 ... read more
A. Sabri via - Dec 23, 2021
Community delivery option made beautiful sushi accessible to us in Almonte. Wow 🤩 it was a huge step above in quality and presentation. The most fresh delicious sushi we have ever had. Will order again for sure!
Sarah via - Dec 17, 2021
A+ quality! Worth the every cent!
Dar o via - Dec 14, 2021
We are impressed with the quality of fish delivered by Shinka Sushi, as well as the chef’s creativity in creating such beautiful food. We have been ordering take outs from Shinka Sushi very often and the quality has been consistent. We always order when we have out of town guests both to show off our town’s sushi restaurant and to sh ... read more
Maryam F via - Dec 12, 2021
Great good! Lots of vegan options. But not much that is vegan and gluten free. Limits things for my wife. But what we got we loved so much! Definitely recommend.
Jordan Larin via - Dec 12, 2021
We're usually an ayce sushi kind of family. My husband likes quantity over quality haha. But for my
We're usually an ayce sushi kind of family. My husband likes quantity over quality haha. But for my 31st pandemic birthday with an 8 month old, we decided to splurge on a night in with some good quality sushi. Our first order was an Omakase 150 and an order of calamari. They had a special on at the time and we got carpaccio for free.
Anita C. via - Dec 5, 2021
Omg. Delicious community delivery. Hook....line...and sinker..
Julie Atkins via - Nov 19, 2021
Among the best sushi spots in Ottawa, for both quality and originality. A delightful discovery!
Martin Sauvé via - Nov 8, 2021
Amazing nigiri, amazing maki. Best place hands down to get sushi in Ottawa. The staff was very helpful, and the food even better than that.!
the7thcolumn via - Nov 3, 2021
Thank you for offering community deliveries! Was so excited to finally be able to order from Almont
Thank you for offering community deliveries! Was so excited to finally be able to order from Almonte and it did not disappoint. I have an egg allergy and often struggle to order sushi, but because of your vegan options, I had so many choices and I was able to get spicy vegan mayo on a salmon roll. Will be ordering again!
Melissa Boufounos via - Nov 3, 2021
Delicious sushi. Too bad it's only take out at the moment due to covid ... read more
Stratis Tsapoitis via - Nov 2, 2021
Meilleurs Sushi depuis longtemps
Se resto par sa localisation et son extérieur ne doit pas vous influencer. j'ai pris le menu dégustation la boite et quel magnifique surprise.... Meilleur Sushi depuis tres longtemps. ca fond dans la bouche, d'une fraicheur exceptionnel et bravo pour le mélange des saveurs. Je suis une pro du Sushi et croyez-moi j'ai été vraiment imp ... read more
NancyM5249 via - Oct 28, 2021
I'm usually more of a sashimi and white rice type of person but Shinka made me fall in love with maki as their creations are unique , light and flavourful ! They also have the best lightly battered octopus I've ever had. Well...try everything , I'm sure it's all worth it. The price perfectly reflect the quality, best in the region.
Isabelle Chartrand via - Oct 27, 2021
Hands down BEST sushi in Ottawa. John is the master of sushi. I've been working with him for the past year and I leave him to be creative with his work. Exceptional sushi quality and customer service. Once you try his sushi, there's no going back. Happy to be partnering with him with my event planning business. He's literally our Run ... read more
Juwana A via - Oct 26, 2021
Excellent food. Just order well in advance for pickup.
Devin Baines via - Oct 16, 2021
Best Sushi spot in Ottawa by a long shot. I stick to there vegan options but they outshine anything else I've ever tried. I really love their mushroom rolls and Inari. The portions are perfect and they do not cut any corners, even on simple avo Maki.
Diego Alvarado via - Sep 25, 2021
Delicious! & SO happy the packaging (which is beautiful) is all paper/ compostable ((NOT STYROFOAM!! yaay! )) ... read more
Meaghan Charlebois via - Sep 25, 2021
I got Shinka delivered to Kemptville (they do a different area every day, some areas have two days a month). I was so impressed! It was well packaged, and all the packaging was recyclable or compostable. The presentation was great. The food was delicious. Highly recommend the poke bowl that has both salmon and tuna. Also $10 for del ... read more
Kaitlyn V via - Sep 20, 2021
Top destination for excellent sushi in Ottawa. A friend referred Shinka for a real good sushi and ever since I tried it never gone back to any other places for sushi! Fresh and tasty beyond the limits. I got addicted to sushi after trying Shinka. John the owner is very dedicated to his profession. I admire this place and always consi ... read more
Mona B via - Sep 18, 2021
I visited this location for the first time during the pandemic. They are only doing take out now but the food is still amazing. Easily the best dynamite roll I have ever had. The Bento box is also extremely filling! Will come again.
Jacintha Gedeon via - Sep 7, 2021
Ordered via the community delivery. Great idea! Got the 32pc premium set, a piece of Wagyu nigiri, and spicy salmon aburi poke bowl. Absolutely worth the price, the fish was delicious and the preparation was excellent.
julian via - Aug 26, 2021
Fresh, tasty sushi, unique maki options.
Mr. Caputo via - Aug 24, 2021
Best sushi I've had in Ottawa so far. Great quality, fresh fish with nice deep flavours. Definitely also the priciest Sushi I've ever had, but I think this is worth it for what you get. Great customer service as well.
Joseph Botros via - Aug 14, 2021
Love getting take out or eating in at this place (pre-covid times). The owner is passionate about his food and the service he provides and it shows. The staff is great and provide excellent service! This is hands down my go to sushi place.
Chantal B via - Aug 11, 2021
Wow. Ordered take out. By far the best shushi I’ve had in Ottawa.
Michelle Goodfellow via - Aug 10, 2021
The best sushi in Ottawa. Excellent food and great service and always tastes delicious.
fxp182 fxp182 via - Aug 4, 2021
Absolutely delicious and, hands down, the best Sushi in the city! To the average person sushi may simply look like a little ball of rice with a slice of raw fish on top, but there is so much more that goes into the art of sushi-making. It must have the right colour, flavour, and texture and John and his team achieved just that! I hig ... read more
Marianne Rothbauer via - Jul 27, 2021
Excellent, fresh, beautifully presented sushi and sashimi. The best we’ve 3ver had in Ottawa - ever
Excellent, fresh, beautifully presented sushi and sashimi. The best we’ve 3ver had in Ottawa - ever!
Nancy Barnes via - Jul 23, 2021
There are only two top sushi places in Ottawa and Shinka is one of them. Assortments are fresh and delicious. Whether I order a takeout or dine in I am never disappointed with the food. The service is okay and the space is small but nice. The washroom is clean. The place is not accessible for persons of disability in a wheelchair o ... read more
Jana Glick via - Jul 19, 2021
Sashimi pieces were as fresh as you can get in Ottawa and the pieces were of a decent size. The rolls and nigiri were tasty as well expect maybe the chef’s rolls which was a bit weird (it was wrapped in rice paper). Not sure why we were given a massive slab of wasabi (bottom right of the pic). It tasted more like tube packaged than ... read more
Jack Yang via - Jul 12, 2021
Got this sushi box delivered for an at home birthday dinner. They offer such a good variety for us vegetarian sushi lovers. Many of their rolls come with personal unique sauces. I can’t wait to go dine in person when the restrictions allow it. Very clean, classy and appetizing presentation.
Camille Theophile via - Jul 12, 2021
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