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Best Sushi spot in Ottawa by a long shot. I stick to there vegan options but they outshine anything else I've ever tried. I really love their mushroom rolls and Inari. The portions are perfect and they do not cut any corners, even on simple avo Maki.
Diego Alvarado via - Sep 25, 2021
Delicious! & SO happy the packaging (which is beautiful) is all paper/ compostable ((NOT STYROFOAM!! yaay! )) ... read more
Meaghan Charlebois via - Sep 25, 2021
I got Shinka delivered to Kemptville (they do a different area every day, some areas have two days a month). I was so impressed! It was well packaged, and all the packaging was recyclable or compostable. The presentation was great. The food was delicious. Highly recommend the poke bowl that has both salmon and tuna. Also $10 for del ... read more
Kaitlyn V via - Sep 20, 2021
Top destination for excellent sushi in Ottawa. A friend referred Shinka for a real good sushi and ever since I tried it never gone back to any other places for sushi! Fresh and tasty beyond the limits. I got addicted to sushi after trying Shinka. John the owner is very dedicated to his profession. I admire this place and always consi ... read more
Mona B via - Sep 18, 2021
I visited this location for the first time during the pandemic. They are only doing take out now but the food is still amazing. Easily the best dynamite roll I have ever had. The Bento box is also extremely filling! Will come again.
Jacintha Gedeon via - Sep 7, 2021
Ordered via the community delivery. Great idea! Got the 32pc premium set, a piece of Wagyu nigiri, and spicy salmon aburi poke bowl. Absolutely worth the price, the fish was delicious and the preparation was excellent.
julian via - Aug 26, 2021
Fresh, tasty sushi, unique maki options.
Mr. Caputo via - Aug 24, 2021
Best sushi I've had in Ottawa so far. Great quality, fresh fish with nice deep flavours. Definitely also the priciest Sushi I've ever had, but I think this is worth it for what you get. Great customer service as well.
Joseph Botros via - Aug 14, 2021
Love getting take out or eating in at this place (pre-covid times). The owner is passionate about his food and the service he provides and it shows. The staff is great and provide excellent service! This is hands down my go to sushi place.
Chantal B via - Aug 11, 2021
Wow. Ordered take out. By far the best shushi I’ve had in Ottawa.
Michelle Goodfellow via - Aug 10, 2021
The best sushi in Ottawa. Excellent food and great service and always tastes delicious.
Fiona Peters via - Aug 4, 2021
Absolutely delicious and, hands down, the best Sushi in the city! To the average person sushi may simply look like a little ball of rice with a slice of raw fish on top, but there is so much more that goes into the art of sushi-making. It must have the right colour, flavour, and texture and John and his team achieved just that! I hig ... read more
Marianne Rothbauer via - Jul 27, 2021
Excellent, fresh, beautifully presented sushi and sashimi. The best we’ve 3ver had in Ottawa - ever
Excellent, fresh, beautifully presented sushi and sashimi. The best we’ve 3ver had in Ottawa - ever!
Nancy Barnes via - Jul 23, 2021
There are only two top sushi places in Ottawa and Shinka is one of them. Assortments are fresh and delicious. Whether I order a takeout or dine in I am never disappointed with the food. The service is okay and the space is small but nice. The washroom is clean. The place is not accessible for persons of disability in a wheelchair o ... read more
Jana Glick via - Jul 19, 2021
Sashimi pieces were as fresh as you can get in Ottawa and the pieces were of a decent size. The rolls and nigiri were tasty as well expect maybe the chef’s rolls which was a bit weird (it was wrapped in rice paper). Not sure why we were given a massive slab of wasabi (bottom right of the pic). It tasted more like tube packaged than ... read more
Jack Yang via - Jul 12, 2021
Got this sushi box delivered for an at home birthday dinner. They offer such a good variety for us vegetarian sushi lovers. Many of their rolls come with personal unique sauces. I can’t wait to go dine in person when the restrictions allow it. Very clean, classy and appetizing presentation.
Camille Theophile via - Jul 12, 2021
Never disappoints. The sake belly is so good.
R via - Jun 27, 2021
simply delicious one of the best ... read more
Rene Leiva via - Jun 14, 2021
Fish was fresh and food was top quality and ready for pickup. However I ordered 34 pieces; they gave
Fish was fresh and food was top quality and ready for pickup. However I ordered 34 pieces; they gave soy sauce for 5 pieces ... read more
Sumedha P via - Jun 14, 2021
I can only speak for the vegan menu and the staff.....both get 100/100! Absolutely incredible!
I can only speak for the vegan menu and the staff.....both get 100/100! Absolutely incredible!
Shawn Silverman via - Jun 13, 2021
Always so yummy and amazing quality! Definitely the best place I've tried so far to get poke bowls and sushi. I always get the Hawaiian poke bowl and it's always filled with so much tuna that I end up finishing the rice and have extra tuna left (whereas everywhere else hardly gives any fish).
Ashley S via - Jun 1, 2021
We have found that Shinka has the best consistent sushi for take out. The sashimi pieces are always
We have found that Shinka has the best consistent sushi for take out. The sashimi pieces are always very generous. Love their Japanese calamari - nice light batter and large serving. The rolls have less rice and more fish and other ingredients. We enjoy the Osaka, Butterfly and Rainbow rolls.
vaidah2014 via - May 27, 2021
Since I'm expecting, I've been avoiding sushi, but the husband and I both had cravings for it and we
Since I'm expecting, I've been avoiding sushi, but the husband and I both had cravings for it and we thought we'd make the trip downtown for takeout and treat ourselves to Shinka for our anniversary. My husband ordered the kamikaze (salmon, crab stick, tempura, masago), Philadelphia (smoked salmon and cream cheese), and spicy salmon ... read more
Amanda B. via - May 22, 2021
Every bite was amazing. The fish exploded with flavour and the components were all well composed and balanced. The best sushi I've had in Ottawa so far. A little on the pricey side but once you taste, you know why.
Winston Anderson via - May 19, 2021
Best. Sushi. In town! 👍 ... read more
Pierre Acouri - Realtor via - May 18, 2021
Expensive but probably one of the best place for sushi. Love the inari too ... read more
damien mergalet via - May 16, 2021
Big fan of sushi and I am so happy I've discovered this place. By far the freshest. Per the comments below, the prices are a bit high but you pay for the quality for sure. Would absolutely recommend!
smarie cc via - May 16, 2021
Best sushi 🍣 we've had in Ottawa and excellent service.
Leo Lee via - May 13, 2021
Recently tried Shinka Sushi Bar for the first time and I can't believe I hadn't tried this restaurant earlier. The food is amazing and you can tell they only use fresh and high quality ingredients. They are also very catering towards any allergies. It's difficult to find a sushi restaurant that can offer gluten free options for someo ... read more
Julia Holuj via - May 9, 2021
Best sushi in town! Definitely not "run of the mill" sushi, plenty of unique flavour combos, and all very fresh.
C Johnson via - May 7, 2021
Some of the best sushi I ever had. Special recommendations: try the avocado Maki and shiitake roll.
Rita Neyer, PhD via - May 7, 2021
This place is pricey, but worth every penny. I am particularly fond of their specials. Delicious sushi, always super fresh, beautiful presentation even when you order for take out. Great for business lunch, date or celebration meal. Highly recommend!
Galina Tsyganovskaya via - May 6, 2021
One of the best places to eat in downtown Toronto/financial district (dine-in or takeout). The menu is based on seasonal ingredients which is always good. Innovative, fresh, and delicious food is what you’ll get here.
Kashif Najmi via - May 1, 2021
Just finished eating the best sushi that we have had in a long time! So glad that Shinka is doing c
Just finished eating the best sushi that we have had in a long time! So glad that Shinka is doing community deliveries to Kemptville. We will be ordering again!
Glenda Lavergne via - Apr 30, 2021
Just got our community delivery order. It was so convenient and saved us a trip downtown. The gyoza
Just got our community delivery order. It was so convenient and saved us a trip downtown. The gyoza was still warm and the rolls were a perfect temperature! Everything was delicious as always! The order was perfectly accurate and delivery was actually a bit early which was great as we were hungry!!! Will definitely order again for c ... read more
Janice CJ via - Apr 27, 2021
Amazing and yummy vegan menu!
Amazing and yummy vegan menu!
Sukhmani Kaur via - Apr 27, 2021
Shinka sushi is a total winner! My family was so thrilled to find a delicious sushi place in Ottawa that also has a vegan menu. This is such a treat for us and we always look forward to ordering from the amazing and varied vegan menu. Thank you Shinka!
Larissa Shaaked via - Apr 21, 2021
Best vegan sushi in Ottawa! They have a great variety of vegan options and love all the different rolls and their vegan Gyoza are amazing. When you order on weekend evenings their wait time can be a little long so just make sure you order with enough time in advance and you will not be disappointed. Have been here multiple times and ... read more
Ryan Binsell via - Apr 20, 2021
Best sushi in Ottawa hands down. You pay a slightly higher price but you get the quality that comes with it. Even a simple rainbow roll beats other places because of the attention to detail and nice cuts of fish on top. Even the box that the order arrives in is beautiful. We came for the Otoro, but stayed for outstanding variety an ... read more
Hong Zhang via - Apr 20, 2021
Every selection on the menu I ordered for a special birthday lunch was delicious and a feast for the eye. The calamari batter was the fluffiest I've eaten - and I'm Greek! This is the best sushi restaurant in town and I can't wait to go back. Thank you, Shinka crew!
Marina via - Apr 14, 2021
The dine in area is small and cozy and the food is super good. Ordering through UberEats the food taste just as good! The sushi here is of the higher quality which is reflected in the price. They have all sorts of fresh fishes and the rice is just right. My favourite roll here is the spicy scallop. When I want boujee delicious sushi, ... read more
Angel Le via - Apr 14, 2021
Great quality! Most impressed with non plastic box packaging, will be ordering again.
Great quality! Most impressed with non plastic box packaging, will be ordering again.
Kimberley Colman via - Apr 9, 2021
I cannot express how much I love Shinka Sushi Bar. We've ordered from countless sushi places across Ottawa and they are BY FAR the most delicious, fresh, and caring restaurant. I have 1001 allergies, plus we're a vegan household, and they have been the only restaurant to adhere to strict cleaning measures and understanding the import ... read more
Rebecca Snider via - Apr 6, 2021
Always super fresh and delicious!! They take so much pride in there presentation and the service is top notched. Also my spouse has a sesame allergy and they always accommodate it which is so appreciated. I love them so much that I tell everyone I know to go there and if they don't like it I will pay for there meal.
Beatrice Ashlee via - Apr 1, 2021
Ordered takeout from here through their website and it was both incredibly easy and the sushi was delicious. Website offers to set a pickup time so you don't have to guess when it's done and you can plan it around your day! Sushi was the best I've had in Ottawa so far.
Olivia Harvey via - Mar 28, 2021
We ordered from their vegan menu and it was delicious! So many great options to pick from that it was hard to decide. The staff were super friendly and helpful. Would definitely recommend it.
Emma Langham via - Mar 22, 2021
I kept ordering from another sushi restaurant because I completely forgot about Shinka Sushi Bar but I will only be going here in the future. Their menu is diverse and caters to several dietary needs. But what's most impressive is the quality of fish and flavour combos. Everything is so fresh and delicious. I've lived in BC and foun ... read more
Lia Cole via - Mar 19, 2021
Shinka delivers to Kemptville one day a month. We ordered a wide range of dishes and they were all v
Shinka delivers to Kemptville one day a month. We ordered a wide range of dishes and they were all very good. Sushi was excellent as well as different deep fried dishes. Would order from here again.
Darren5562 via - Mar 17, 2021
Best sushi in town. They provide their customers with passion infused sushi consisting of the best quality ingredients in a presentation that is both thoughtful and artistic.
Gabriel Stevens via - Mar 15, 2021
Delicious sushi!
Sophie Dooley via - Mar 13, 2021
Everything is great about this place. If anyone wants to have the best sushi in town. Strike here. 🌟🌟 ... read more
Avneet Kaur via - Mar 9, 2021
Damn delicious.
Dragos Sol via - Mar 1, 2021
Amazing sushi, well-packages (plastic-free!). Lots of vegan options that go well beyond rice and cucumber.
holland h.stille via - Feb 19, 2021
Great sushi place. Tasted great. Fish seems fresh. Pieces are well rolled. The cut size of each piece, a little questionable, should it be cut thicker? At least it doesn't fall apart. Great amount of fish with each item. Soy sauce is decent. Wasabi is well mixed. Well packaged, except maybe the bottom of box needs wax or parchment pa ... read more
Victor Ly via - Feb 15, 2021
Fresh and delicious, after seeing countless recommendations to try this location- we finally decided to try the Maki Classic this Valentine's Day! This is some of the best sushi I've ever had. I also love how the packaging is eco-friendly and not a bunch of plastic. We will definitely be back!
Kassya Murray via - Feb 14, 2021
There are many OK sushi places in Ottawa. Shinka is amazing. Try them - you won't be disappointed.
Pedro Martinez via - Feb 14, 2021
Meilleur sushi en ville! Menu extraordinaire offrant des choix frais et bien faits. Nous avons appréciés chaque bouchée! Merci aux chefs/personnels, le repas d'hier était vraiment exceptionnel!
Anne Price via - Feb 12, 2021
Best vegan sushi in town. Will be coming back to try some more ... read more
Shrestharth Ghosh via - Feb 6, 2021
Haven't had an opportunity to enjoy a dine-in for obvious reasons but take out was mind-blowing. The pride is felt all the way from the care put in packaging of the food to the irresistible quality. +10 for the fantastic variety of veg / vegan options +10 for variety of unique items ... read more
Ilon T via - Feb 4, 2021
I am a big sushi fan and ordered from here for the first time today. Seriously, best sushi I've had in ottawa. Everything is fresh, delicious, and elegantly displayed. If I could give it a 10 star review I would!
Anja Mp via - Jan 31, 2021
The food was really good, the packaging was recyclable / biodegradable, and it was reasonably priced.
Dick Wong via - Jan 25, 2021
Uber eat made a mistake while delivering the food, it was missing half the order. We called the restaurant, and the super helpful assured us the missing part of the order was going to be ready for us within 10 minutes. The staff even went above and beyond, and offered us two speciality sushi as an apology, free of charge. Wow Great ... read more
maxime boursier via - Jan 23, 2021
My friend was recommended us to this place as a go-to for sushi shop and since then Shinka is not disappointed. Yesterday was our anniversary and because sushi is always my wife's favorite so I ordered for to go (no dining-in because of lockdown) as her surprise. When I came to pickup my order, one of the staff quickly brought the or ... read more
JOHNNY CRASH via - Jan 21, 2021
Shinka is my go-to sushi place in Ottawa when I want great sushi! I've been going here even before they changed their name. The chefs here know what they're doing and provide quality cuts of fish. The menu has such great variety, and the new generation sashimi is my favourite! Also, during the pandemic the take-away orders have been ... read more
Mark Da Costa via - Jan 20, 2021
Even though we are not able to dine in, Shinka is still able to serve you an exceptional experience. All the employees make sure you are well taken care of and leave with the best product. Highly recommend!
Kathleen Vo via - Jan 20, 2021
This is the best sushi restaurant in Ottawa. The sushi is so fresh and the staff are so nice!!! You will not be disappointed.
Stephanie Lui via - Jan 12, 2021
Hands down the best sushi I have had! The wait is long but it is definitely worth the wait. It is located downtown, so parking is a bit hard to find. Usually there is parking on the street down from the this place on metcalfe! The texture of this sushi was amazing. At first bite, I was just in amazed. Never though sushi could taste ... read more
R N via - Jan 8, 2021
This place is great! The sushi is delicious and tastes super fresh. My favourite roll is the Montreal roll. When you order take out, the presentation is great. It comes in this chic paper box and bag and the chop sticks look nice too. My only complaint is on door dash you can only place orders of $99.99 or less when as a family we wa ... read more
B G via - Jan 5, 2021
Great quality sushi and I really appreciate the effort they've made to reduce plastic waste for takeout.
Sarah Visintini via - Jan 2, 2021
Amazing food!
Paakzaad Chothia via - Jan 1, 2021
Great Place. The rainbow roll is amazing and highly recommended, all the fish here is fresh and well processed. The sashimi is also fresh and delicious. I will absolutely come visit again.
Angela Una via - Jan 1, 2021
Wow, best sushi I've had in Ottawa. Try the specials as well, super fresh and amazing.
Lee Trainer via - Jan 1, 2021
Amazing sushi ! A lot of good vegan options !
Pascale tremblay via - Dec 27, 2020
Amazing sushi and great service, truly worth it!
alexie marleau via - Dec 27, 2020
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